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What does it mean to be Post-Self?

What happens when you can no longer call yourself an individual, when you've split your sense of self among several instances? How do you react? Do you withdraw into yourself, become a hermit? Do you expand until you lose all sense of identity? Do you fragment? Do you go about it deliberately, or do you let nature and chance take their course?

How do you deal with relationships spanning instances of yourself? With jealousy, compassion, hatred, romance? What happens when you disagree with yourself? Do you cut that instance off? Halt the process?

How do you learn from your other instances? Do you merge? Rebase? Simply read about them in the paper in the morning? What ties do you have with your other instances? Are they even yours? Do you maintain a master branch or let forks deviate from the source?

What does it mean to be Post-Self?

Post-Self is a collaborative fiction project designed to explore the implications of a universe where the sense of self can be blurred, split, or demolished through replication into instances. There is a description of the universe in which the stories take place and some shared characters which authors may use, and the existing entries posted from the creators involved in the project upon which to build.

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Après un rêve Feb 4, 2017 • Madison Scott-Clary#makyo

Rating: yellow • Contains surgery, true death

A young woman reluctantly goes through with the uploading procedure, risky though it is, to reconnect with her lover.

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Qoheleth Jan 26, 2017 • Madison Scott-Clary#makyo

Rating: yellow • Contains instance death

Ioan Balan awoke to an urgent message.

Ey didn’t really like these, the sensorium messages. Ey liked paper messages. Ey mostly just liked paper. Ey was always accruing more. Paper and pens. Eir friends thought it creepy. Paper messages, or those rich messages that came attached to paper, played on its surface, or even messed with eir sensorium. To have one that just barged in on eir vision and endocrine system like this made em quite anxious. This one included a tiny jolt of adrenaline as an alert. Waking up with that jolt to have a partial sensory takeover just felt rude.

The benefit was that ey didn’t have to get out of bed to deal with it.

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The Jonas Clade Digest Jan 16, 2017 • Madison Scott-Clary#makyo

Rating: green • Contains explicit language

Updates from the Jonas clade for the Jonas clade. Jonas Prime requests that all instances report in when they’re able. One must keep oneself up to date, after all.

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Dear, Also, The Tree That Was Felled Sep 12, 2017 • Madison Scott-Clary#makyo

The lovely Iris Jay surprised me this morning with a sketch page of Dear!

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Qoheleth: Solved Jan 26, 2017 • Madison Scott-Clary#makyo

Qoheleth has been solved. Read on for the story.

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Aaaand we're open Dec 27, 2016 • Madison Scott-Clary#makyo

Post-Self is now officially open for submissions. All the tracks have been laid, there’s a start on the universe and a few characters to use, and hopefully dlvr.it works (this will be the first test, so, fingers crossed). The first story is in the works and will be up soon.

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